• Company Culture

      Corporate Purposes

      Baiding, charging for a better life. We insist on the humanity's longing for a better life as the direction of enterprise development, and are committed to providing more advanced technology, better products and more thoughtful services, to help the development of society; to achieve social progress, customer satisfaction, and enterprise. Development and employee win-win situation.

      Development Philosophy

      Committed to the development of innovative industries. A tight-knit pulse of the times, we are committed to exploring the path of symbiosis between corporate growth and urban and social development.

      Enterprise Spirit

      Never satisfied, thinking change is strong; never stop, striving for - fl. We will firmly establish the sense of responsibility and crisis, and will advance with the times, reform and innovation, and strive to be the first as the driving force for the sustained and rapid development of the enterprise, and achieve greater progress and faster development at a higher and newer starting point.